Dominic Dobernowsky

live and studio music

Dominic is a passionate musician who is currently travelling through Europe. On his travels he picks up the vibes and atmospheres of people and places.  Together with his own feelings, ambitions, expectations and hopes he conjures up new music every time he plays. Every song is a new creation and it is therefore unlikely that you will hear the same piece of music twice. Improvising is his way of expression.

His style has been described as atmospheric and groovy, and his main influences and inspirations are soulful musicians from all over the world. Currently, he prefers the outdoors to smoky bars and night clubs, although he doesn’t object to a decent jam session or a great gig at a great venue.

Dominic has performed at festivals and clubs, chill-out bars as well as a studio musician and he also plays at weddings and funerals. His music never fails to put the atmosphere of the occasion into tune with the appropriate subtlety and clarity. He considers himself a medium and he aspires to let the groove flow how it wants to.

If you have heard him play, you will know what we are talking about.


You can listen to Dominics Debut album at the following Website:


For bookings contact:

+49 163 177 32 75

+44 789 41 21 565